We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Chattanooga. Craig cooked dinner over at Anna and Jason’s house. Tyler was in town from Los Angeles. His first visit to the new house. I definitely think he will be back very soon. Katie came up from Atlanta and then we had Bill and Lauren Hood, Kathleen and Azariah and their girls. All in all it was a total blast. Note to self for next year. Don’t drink Fireball. That is all I am going to say on that subject LOL. Our truck is finally finished. We did have a couple issues when we first got it out but it seems to be working super well now. Just keeping my fingers crossed. We just finished a load from Memphis to Kansas to Los Angeles to Houston and back to Memphis. Truck ran wonderful and fuel mileage was amazing compared to the old truck. Totally hoping we are over our major truck issues for awhile.
We ran into some bad weather in Arkansas. We hit that lovely ice storm. Drove slow and steady and made is safely back to Memphis. Major accidents and just wish people would slow down in weather like that. We sat in Memphis overnight and are now heading to Oklahoma City and back to Memphis. Nice to be running and even nicer to be back in our truck. I love our truck I must say. Lil Bit seems to be happy too. Now if we can just keep rolling life will be great. Life is pretty darn awesome already. But having some money will be nice LOL





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2 Responses to Gratitude

  1. Mary aka Krashdragon says:

    Crossing fingers things keep rolling smoothly..
    I also had a busted rad hose, but on Swift’s dime. or many $$$$!
    Lucked out, got to sit in delivery parking lot in Roanoke until On road got it fixed 5 1/2 hrs later. Very cold, but lovely sunshine. for once, being too lazy to fill the rad with water worked out.
    Mech said no way would I have made it to the shop. Took 5 gal of antifreeze.
    Y’all have a great and Merry Christmas!

  2. Lisa says:

    Great photos- love them!!!!!

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