As We End Another Year

Even with all the truck problems we have been so blessed this year.  The friends we have made and the friends we have kept along with our awesome family are just more than we deserve.  Our kids are doing so well and there is no blessing in life greater than that.  In order by age, Jason is the oldest and has had an amazing year.  He finished his masters degree while working full time and having his third child with his wonderful wife and partner Anna.  Our grandkids are healthy, happy and they have great parents.  That, combined with the fact we now live 5 miles away makes for a pretty awesome situation.  Josh is still living in New Jersey but is contemplating moving to either Seattle or Chattanooga. I am sure you know what we hope for.  Tyler graduated from college a year ago and has a video editing job he loves.  He hates his commute but it IS Los Angeles.  So proud of that boy and a joy to be around.  Aleena has sold everything and is following her lifelong dream of living in the UK.  She will be arriving in Chattanooga in mid January and staying with us for a few weeks until her work visa comes in and then moving to London.  So excited for her and so proud she is making this dream come true.  CJ is doing great in college, he has settled (we think) on a sociology degree with a major in criminal justice.  Football is going great.  He is a red shirt freshman with three years of eligibility left and is now #2 on the depth chart at quarterback.  Shelby is with us in Chattanooga and is now working for Farm2Fleet, the company we are leased on to.  She is kicking ass and doing so well.  Cannot express how proud we are of the work she is doing.

We ran a bunch of UPS Christmas loads and got paid pretty well, we then grabbed a load to San Diego to get us to SoCal for Christmas with Anne’s family.  On the way we, as planned, stopped in Albuquerque to see our son CJ and the Colorado State Rams beat Washington State U in the New Mexico Bowl.  We stayed at the Marriott which is the team hotel and got a chance to spend a lot of time with the boy.  It was such a fun weekend and probably the best bowl game of the year.  More importantly, time with my Son is very precious.  Headed out on Sunday to San Diego, delivered on Monday morning and it was Christmas-time.  We had a wonderful time in San Marino at Anne’s brothers house.  We just love these people.  Eric and Sarah are just plain wonderful people and their now mostly grown kids are a joy to be around.  We also enjoyed time with Anne’s Mother, her Father and Stepmother.  Tyler of course joined us also and seeing him twice in a month was pretty freaking sweet.  The day after Christmas, we stopped and spent the evening with our friends Steve and Lupe and then picked up a load to Seattle.  My parents have Christmas the weekend after Christmas so all of the kids and grandkids can make it without conflicting.  It is Saturday, we got in this morning and Christmas #2 is tomorrow.  God I love this job.  I think of how blessed we are to get to regularly see our parents, our siblings, our kids, our grandkids and our friends.  It just really does not get any better than this in life.

We are having a few fault codes popping up on the truck so I am going to deliver the load in Arlington on Monday, which is 20 miles away and I then have an appointment at the Kenworth dealer to have a look at the truck computer.  I do not expect any large issues and suspect it is a bad sensor or connection.  We will see.

Merry Christmas everyone and please have a wonderful 2014

Christmas with the Millers

Christmas with the Millers

CSU Wins!!!!

CSU Wins!!!!

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  1. Lisa Rosenfield says:

    Happy New Year to you both!!!!!!!! Wishing you a year of smooth cruising Tons of fun adventures, prosperity, good health, love. Xox Lisa

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