I am so over winter. I want spring to last as long.

This has been the worst winter we have been out on the road. At least in my book it is. We have had brakes freeze, -25 degrees without wind and just too much dang snow/ice. We left Pa last night and good riddance. We made it in and out safely (even if we did get stuck once) I just can’t believe how bad it has been ALL over. We have been in FL, TX, AR, AL, MS, TN and it has been ridiculously cold and snowing. Crazy that we were sleeping in FL a couple weeks ago and had to turn the truck on since it got so cold. I have been blessed to have been able to spend weekends at home. This past weekend Craig went out as a solo driver. He has learned he doesn’t want to be a solo driver. He said it was way too quiet in the truck without me. He meant it in a good way. At least I took it in a good way LOL. I looked forward to getting back in the truck which was nice. Even with all the fun we have out here and we definitely have fun. There are times I really need to get out. The weekends home really rejuvenate me and off we go again.

Forgot that I didn’t post this when I wrote it. I was going to add some pictures. Winter is still with us. We did spend a few days in Phoenix and it was nice and warm. Did get caught in a downpour but I’m going to let Craig share that post. I need to be better about posting here. Time just seems to get away from me.

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