ED is the newest Leonard family member. Ed is a merle chihuahua that needed a home. I have been talking about getting another dog for a few weeks and a couple appeared. Funny how that happens. It took me a long time to get over Max but realized Lil Bit needed a friend. Now Craig didn’t agree with me. My girlfriend from college posted a picture on facebook and tagged me in it. We happened to be in Alabama heading home for the weekend. I made plans to come down and pick him up for the weekend to see how he fit in. Ed is a doll. He has some issues but is the most loving puppy. He is a little over a year and has had some hard times in his past. We don’t know all the details and honestly I don’t want to know. But with love and patience he is doing amazing. He adores Craig. What is even weirder is he reminds us of Max. There are times I swear he is channeling Max. Little things that Max did in the truck, Ed does. He and Lil Bit wrestle in the morning. Her nose was a little out of joint but now she is doing great with him. I do think she was lonely. They make me laugh everyday and I am so happy that we have these two babies with us on our travels. Craig is head over heels over Ed. I did a good thing!!









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3 Responses to ED!!!!!

  1. msconniemac says:

    AWWWWWW!!!!! happy homecoming to ED!!! what a sweet little doggie!! cant wait to meet him someday!! xoxo

  2. Dad says:

    Man, that is one cute critter. Looking forward to meeting him…

  3. Marty Jewett, friend of Oggie Miller says:

    Ed’s adorable and lucky too!

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