Okay I was blown away tonight.

Tonight we were helping friends organize their new house. Hang tv’s and figure out where the furniture went. Now after we were sitting on their gorgeous deck relaxing. Talk turned to trucking and our blog. Okay maybe i’m really naive but was totally shocked to hear that people don’t believe we do the things we do. Okay rewind. What?!?! How in the world could they think that. We post pictures. We try to share our adventures and why in the world would we ever lie about what we do?? In my world that makes absolutely no sense. We started this blog to help other drivers. When we started we couldn’t find any information that was really helpful. Craig told me he hears this all the time on the forums. Okay I admit, my mouth dropped open. WHAT?!? Why in the world we would spend the time writing about our adventures just to make it up LOL. I mean the same things are on our facebook page. It totally shocked me that anyone would think we make it up.

Dang if I was going to make things up I would tell how we saw the last space shuttle in Florida. Oh wait we did do that. Okay we went to EVERY family event all over the country. Oh wait we did that too. Hey I know, we rescued wild animals in Maine and ate lobster in Bar Harbor in our semi tractor.Oh dang. We did that too. Okay I am being a little silly but honestly people need to get a life. We do the things we do because we take the time to do it. We plan it and honestly there is no way in hell I would still be driving a truck 3 years later if we didn’t have so much fun doing the other stuff. I don’t know why I am so shocked that people are saying there is no way we do the things we say. What?!?!? It just baffles me.

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6 Responses to Okay I was blown away tonight.

  1. Tim says:

    You Can’t fix Stupid!

  2. Dad says:

    My Dear, Sweet Anne; A Semi-Driver should NEVER start a blog to their friends with the words “Blown Away” We never know but what you may be running a really light load in bad weather. Love you. Dad Leonard

  3. Krashdragon says:

    People who have no life simply will not believe people that have one. Enjoy the things you do and dont worry about small minds. Another friend of mine has the same problem… check out Ara’s website… The Oasis of my soul. He and his rescue pit named Spirit, ride a bike/sidecar all over the country. Some idiots will insist on making degrogatory comments. Like I told Ara… ignore the childish minds and enjoy the adventure. Take care.. Mary aka Krashdragon from the world’s smallest Pilot truck stop in Miami Gardens, Fl. (7 parking spots) But a really cool place.

  4. Rick Blumenshine says:

    I believe you. I knew the two of you would make the most of your time on the road. I enjoy keeping up on what, where and who is going on. Keep it up.

  5. Anne Miller Leonard says:

    Thank you Dennis and heck no it won’t keep us from posting. It was just eye opening for me.I guess Craig has known this all along but I just found out tonight. Thank you for your kind words.

  6. Dennis says:

    These type of people are every where, I hope it don’t discourage you to keep posting. I have enjoyed all your stuff on here and I even think it is true. 🙂

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