How we do what we do on the road.

Being a team makes it easy to do all the things we do. We usually have extra time in the schedule that a solo driver doesn’t. I realize that it takes planning but last weekend is a good example of how we plan. Heading to Phoenix where we know we will arrive on Saturday but can’t make the delivery until Monday. So we get online and find a rental car place right down from the truck stop. If the weather had been warm we would have rented a hotel room but it was perfect weather.

The main reason we took this load is it is spring training for the Mariners and you’ll never guess where they are located. Yup Phoenix, well really Peoria. We drove over to the stadium and buy tickets from a guy in the parking lot. SCORE. We are first row behind the Mariners dug out. So freaking cool. Met some great people and enjoyed a great game against the Angels. Then the sky opens up literally, the game was called and by the time we got to the car it looked like we had gone swimming. Laughed our butts off the whole time. Memories for a lifetime.

When we know we are going some place and that there is time in our schedule. We see what is on the way or at our destination. We find places to park using google. You can zoom in and find places to park the truck and also find things nearby. We don’t always rent cars unless we are stuck for a few days and there is nothing in the area. But you learn places that are fun and remember the next time.

Having friends and family all over the country helps too. We know we are driving by and what time. Make plans for a quick bite to eat or just coffee. Happens all the time. Also happens with other drivers. You have to make it work though. Yelp is our biggest friend. It can tell you restaurants, hair salons, nail salons, stores….. And how far they are, hours, and reviews. Amazing how many places we’ve found that we never would have known were there. Neighborhood dives that rock!!! This is why I love driving.

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