Friends on the road.

3 years ago we made friends with a couple in the truck next to us. Kathi and Ken Cross. Little did I know how big an impact they would have on my trucking life or what good friends we would be. We met at Fed Ex in Edwardsville because we were both waiting for our loads. They were late so we sat and sat and sat. We drove for Us Xpress then and they drove for Team One a division of Us Xpress. We got to talking and Ken offered us a starbucks to go. We gladly accepted and wanted to know how the heck he made us one. Turns out he had a Keurig coffee maker in the truck which is why we ran out and got one as soon as possible. We talked some more and became facebook friends.
Next we met up in Boise, Id. We were driving through and they were broken down. Went out for lunch at this great little restaurant. Flash forward a few years and we were lucky enough to be home and unfortunately they broke down in Cheyenne over July 4th. No problem come on down to Fort Collins. We went out for Mexican. Played some pool and just had a great couple days.
Kathi is probably the person I talk to the most on the road. When we first started I use to call about all sorts of things. Anytime I needed help or advice she was right there for me. We have been lucky enough to meet up when our paths cross. Whether it’s California or Texas, Idaho or Colorado. Truly one of the gifts of this profession. The friends you make out here and the friends you keep. We are truly blessed to have Kathi and Ken in our lives.





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1 Response to Friends on the road.

  1. Dad says:

    What a job you have! It is such a blessing that two totally sociable characters committed themselves to a life together in a truck. The world is about friendship and the two of you are not only carriers, you’re contagious.

    Anne, a note on my conversation with your “co-pilot” yesterday: I can appreciate nobody being excited about having to back a behemoth truck, but that may be one of the BEST reasons for living with Craig. (well, maybe) I probably wouldn’t like it either, but no doubt I’d be one of the best. Love you. Dad Leonard

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