I Am Not Sure I am This Brave

A couple of weeks ago we received an email from Elizabeth.  Her husband Lee is a truck driver and they follow our blog.  I have really struggled with this post as I am just sick about what has happened to these two.  Actually, I will let Elizabeth tell it.  Here is her email to us.

 Comment: Hello Anne and Craig,
My name is Elizabeth Allen, and I am married to a long haul truck driver, Lee Allen. About a year ago we decided that when my daughter graduates high school we will team up and drive together. He loves driving and right now I am stuck in an office. We talk every day about how much fun it will be, but of course we examine the potential negatives as well. About 6 months ago I discovered your blog. Now every time one of us gets an email about a new post, we call the other and ask if they read it. We debate about what is better, company driver or owner operator. We talk about the best truck stops, and look to see if there are any within walking distance to a movie theatre in case we need a night away from the truck.
Well, on February 19th Lee was traveling on I-80 in Clearfield, Pennsylvania en route to Minnesota. The road was very icy, and a collision could not be avoided. According to the news it was a total of 40 tractor trailers and 10 passenger vehicles.  I do not know all the details of the accident as the police report has not been released and my husband is on a ventilator so he cannot tell me what happened. Aside from being on a ventilator he has a level C4 spinal cord injury, complete quadriplegia. Everyone else’s injuries were mild to moderate.
The reason I am writing is to see if you will share a page that was created by my friends to help raise money for Lee’s “new life.” I have convinced him that we can still live our dream, he will just have to settle for being my co-pilot. My desire is that we can modify a truck with a lift so that he can get into and out of the truck and in the mean time just enjoy the ride.
I will make it happen. My community has been great, they are throwing a benefit and offering to build ramps to get Lee into our home (which is a whole other issue!). If I have to tear down walls myself I will. I am determined that when he is done with rehab he will come home. But after that…I need to get him back on the road.
Thank you for considering sharing and taking the time to read our story.
Safe Travels,
Elizabeth Allen

OK, it is Craig again.  We had heard about this horrible accident and that there was a truck driver who was critical.  It really hits home when they become “real people”, not just a news story.  Solo truck drivers drive about 140,00 miles a year so you can imagine the dangers they face.  Here is a link to the website Elizabeth mentioned.  If there is any way you can help with either finances or prayers, we would very much appreciate it.


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1 Response to I Am Not Sure I am This Brave

  1. msconniemac says:

    thanks for sharing this story of love, determination and hope! I pray that this family truly is blessed with miracles!

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