Are you ready for some football?!?!

I am. Last weekend we stopped in Colorado for the Rocky Mountain Showdown. Colorado State Univ vs University of Colorado. CJ didn’t get to play but what an exciting game!!! We won. Then we headed to WI for a load and was lucky enough to stop in Oshkosh and spend a night with family. Good food, Good Wine and awesome conversation. We then headed to Kent Wa for our next load. We couldn’t deliver until Friday morning so we stopped in Snohomish and stayed with Craig’s parents. Worked out perfect since Seattle was playing Green Bay on Thursday night. Woot Woot Seattle won. We slept in the truck so we could head out early. Made our delivery and was hoping we could pick up our next load heading to Tn. Nope it won’t be ready till 6pm so we are sitting in a parking lot killing time. We did get the truck organized, vacuumed, cleaned and now Craig is napping. The puppies and I are just watching the world go by.

Thinking about my dad who is in France. Yesterday he had shoulder surgery. I heard he is doing well and hoping to be released tomorrow. Jacqueline is with him but I hate that he is so far away but know he is in good hands. Looking forward to seeing him in Oct when they come back to the states.

We are picking this load up and then swinging by Boise Idaho to see the CSU vs Boise game. Craigs Mom and Dad are meeting us there. We are going to the game and then Myrna is going to go on a road trip with us. Al is going to do some work along the way and will meet up with us in Chattanooga. They haven’t met the newest two great grandchildren so looking forward to that and showing off Chattanooga to them.

Sunday we will be stopping in Fort Collins to have dinner with CJ before his birthday. Also keeping my fingers crossed that my Redskins win this weekend also. We deliver on Tuesday and then spend a couple days with the kids and parents and grandparents and great grandparents. Busy busy week. Coolest part is we have been on a load the entire time. Getting paid to visit with family and watch football. Pretty good life.





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