What a fabulous week.

It has been a fabulous week. We spent last weekend in Boise at CJ’s football game. Craig, Myrna and I drove back to Chattanooga while Al did some work and then met us in Chattanooga. We were swapping cars and they drove the one down from Seattle and are taking our car back. We had a wonderful visit with Jason, Anna and the kids. This was the first time Myrna and Al had met their great granddaughters. We also got to celebrate Shelby’s birthday since we will be back on the road next week and will miss her birthday.
We also found a new home. I am about to have a fit regarding the parking at our apt. You can never find a spot and honestly I don’t want to live with a bunch of college kids. Except the ones I can’t get rid of LOL. Actually Craig and I will be living by ourselves for the first time in our married life. We found a great condo over by the river and found out today that it is ours. I will be sending Craig out solo so I can pack and move. He can just come home to a new place LOL.
Really excited to move!!!!

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