Great Timing

So we went to a wedding in Scottsdale Arizona a week and a half ago.  What an amazing long weekend.  I will let Anne post about that but we headed out on Monday looking for a load.  I found a great load out of Columbia City Oregon paying great money to New Hampshire for Wednesday so I put a couple of loads together to get us to the Portland Oregon area in time.  We drove down to Nogales AZ to pick up a load to Union City CA (The Bay Area), delivered on Tuesday morning and had a load picking up a mile away going to Vancouver WA.  Delivered Wednesday morning and picked up our load of wood pellets for pellet wood stoves heading to a Home Depot in Northern New Hampshire.  3,200 miles which is just under our longest run ever of 3,300 miles from Seattle to Fort Lauderdale a few years ago.  We missed the peak leaves in New Hampshire by about a week but it was still stunning.  We delivered on Saturday morning to the Home Depot store and added our 21 pallets of pellets to the 990 pallets of pellets they had on hand.  They told me they are selling over 200 pallets a day.  Winter is coming!

I thought it was going to be tough getting out since freight out of the NE pretty much sucks and weekends are totally dead.  The plan was to find a short hop back to Pennsylvania to set us up for a good load on Monday since for once, PA freight is paying great.  We always seem to stumble into a good load however.  I had posted our truck as available on the load board and got a call from a broker first thing Saturday offering a load from the Maine border right back to Nagales AZ where we had started our week.  Well, it worked out fine the first time, let’s give it another shot.  Super light expedited load of foam rubber auto parts.  Only 5,200 pounds which beat the heck out of the 44,000 pound load we had hauled into NH.  On the way to pick up the load we passed an awesome looking seafood restaurant that looked like we could get the truck in behind.  I checked it out on Yelp and the had lots of reviews and 4 stars.  We had a plan.  They were open until 9 pm so we hurried and got there just after 8 for Lobster rolls and clam chowder.  Totally worth the effort as this food just rocked.

As we got close to Dallas the broker called and asked us to stop at an executive airport in Fort Worth to unload three of the pallets so they could put them on a plane.  I sicced Jeff, one of the awesome dispatchers at Farm2Fleet on getting us a new rate confirmation.  Jeff got us an extra $250 for the stop.  Pretty sweet.

Delivered in Nogales yesterday with  our drop right up against the fence on the Mexican Border.  If I had backed up 50 feet it would have been an International Incident.  With an eight day total of 7,700 miles I decided I wanted to find a way to make my sons football game.  It is the Border War with Colorado State taking on Wyoming.  Figured if we could get to Seattle by Thursday our good freight source there could get us back to Nashville (they always come through)  I sent them an email and they said “Sure”. So we went to work looking for loads.  Not easy out of Arizona.  We put together a load to Reno and then a load from Reno to Edmonds WA.  As we were loading in Arizona the guy with the second load called and told us he had lost it.  So we went back to work.  I found a 2 stop load picking up in Reno with a drop in Portland OR and final in Tacoma WA.  Done!  The sweet part is we actually ended up making about $500 more on this load.  Unloading in the tiny town of Yerington NV right now.  I will update after the Rams crush the Cowgirls.

Fall Colors in New Hampshire....or Maybe Pennsylvania

Fall Colors in New Hampshire….or Maybe Pennsylvania

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Now THIS is a Lobster Roll!

Now THIS is a Lobster Roll!

You CANNOT get closer to the Mexican Border without a passport

You CANNOT get closer to the Mexican Border without a passport

Yep, that is Mexico right there

Yep, that is Mexico right there

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11 Responses to Great Timing

  1. Lauren Hood says:

    Holy cow!! That lobster roll looks amazing! Jealoussssss!

  2. Norm Hawes says:

    Hi Craig,
    Just want to thank you for the great info you gave to me on the phone 2 weeks ago about f2f.

    My nephew and his wife are sending in the application this week. Ryan said they are not taking any more drivers until the first of the year because they are out of trailers but said he would try to find one for them because they had already talked to Bill about the job.
    I though your gps was going nuts while I watched your travels last week but after your last post I realized it was ok and you guys are just burning up the pavement- way to bogey!

    I got real homesick while I watched you go through NH last week. We camped for over 40 years on Swansey Lake just south of Keene and we have lots of relatives living in that area. Sorry you missed the peak foliage but I’m sure it was still beautiful. People here in east Texas comment about the fall colors here, I just chuckle to myself, they have no clue what real foliage color is.

    Next time you go that route, take route 9 just north of Brattleboro,VT around the by-pass at Keene to Concord. It is a great truck route,no towns,only a few stop lights, excellent roads and it will save you over 50 miles.

    Happy trucking,


  3. Jeremy C says:

    Hi Craig!

    I also have been following you guys on your adventures since the early days of USX. I think we may have had a couple of brief exchanges on the Truckers Report Forum back in the day and my fiancé and I also went to USX when she started driving based on your experiences.

    Long story short, I need to know where you got the lobster roll pictured in this entry because I am currently sitting in Hollis Center, ME waiting to unload and then reload. I MUST HAVE ONE!!!

    I don’t know how long it takes you to get replies, but hopefully it’s before I pull out of here.

    Thank you and safe travels my friend,


  4. Angela says:

    Whew, tired just reading about all the driving you have done. Safe travels and please rember to stop and vote!

  5. Jennifer Wheeler says:

    I have been following your blog since you both started at USX. It has been so much fun seeing your posts and how your upbeat attitudes keep you from having complete meltdowns (even if Anne professes to have meltdowns). I have been trying to talk my husband into getting into a truck with me for years now, which is why I started following you two! Your ups and downs and the realities of living on the road are more realistic when people like yourselves make blogs.
    What I am trying to say is YOU ARE AWESOME! Please keep up with the posting and I will continue to tell my husband about your adventures to lure him into trying it with me. =D
    During my research, I have found information to be out of date. Much of it is down on the industry and disheartening. Adventuring with you two has been real, but never disheartening! May God continue to bless you!

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