I am so sick of moving.

I am never ever moving myself ever ever again. We moved into a new condo last month. This month Aleena and Shelby moved out of the old apartment. We still had some stuff there and today went over to get it out. Didn’t think it was that much stuff but I swear it multiplied while we were gone. I rented a truck and Tyler and I headed over. Thank god Tyler is in town or I don’t know what we would have done. The girls I think need some lessons in moving. Number on is that things need to be packed in boxes prior to moving. I am just going to leave it at that. I will admit I had a ROYAL meltdown. Tyler, Shelby, Aleena and I all got to work packing the truck. We did get the big things moved to Shelby’s new place, which is very cute!! We got the rest of the big things of ours over to the condo and tomorrow we get to move the rest to storage. During this Craig has been out solo. He is the smart man. Oh my God it has been a royal pain in the ass. Excuse my french but moving is one of the WORST experiences in life. Once we finish moving the rest of the stuff to storage we have to clean the apartment. That is probably the easiest part of the day. We all feel ancient and covered in bruises. I seriously can’t wait to get back to work. It is way easier than moving!!!!
Now on to the good part of moving. I love our house. We have a condo overlooking the river. A huge balcony and a great house to entertain in. I am writing this as a fire is burning in our wood burning fireplace. Craig will be back home tonight and we will be home for our granddaughters first birthday this weekend. My lovely love nest has a couple extra birds at the moment. Both Tyler and Aleena are staying at the condo until a job opportunity starts. Originally it was only delayed for a week but now it is a few weeks. We will explain more once it happens but it is definitely cozy at the moment. But that is what family is all about.

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