Working for a living


Well, after the regular bumps and bruises of being an owner operator, we are finally back on the road.   Thousands of dollars in “minor” repairs and maintenance later. I could bore you with the details but we are hitting the road about two weeks later than planned.   It was an awesome time at home.  Lots of time with the kids and grandkids and a couple of AMAZING #Seahawks wins later we are working or way towards Seattle to watch the Super Bowl with family.

We had to bobtail 250 freaking miles to Jackson TN to pick up our beautiful brand new trailer.  We debated getting a refer trailer but after much thought decided against it.

Picked up our load of furniture in Mississippi and stopped at the pilot truck stop to remove a clogged filter and it happened again.   There I am with my hands covered in grease and this guy walks up and says “excuse me, is your name Craig?”  For I think the seventh time since we started this blog somebody recognized either Anne or Me in a random place.

So Hi Jamie! It was very nice meeting you.   I wish we had the time to talk.   Drop me an email.  I would love to hear your story.

Away we go…….

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1 Response to Working for a living

  1. Tanya says:

    Of course people recognize you guys! You’re doing what we all aspire to do. Make money and have a ball doing it. Even the bad times don’t get you down for long. Keep on doing what you do, guys.

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