Something fun

We haul all kinds of weird stuff but this may be the messiest that didn’t bother me.   We were in Phoenix and booked a load for the people who put on “The Color Run”.  Picking up all the material at Tempe Beach Park after the race had concluded.   What a mess.   Glitter literally filling the air and I got bright pink and green corn starch all over my #Seahawks Russell Wilson jersey.   Great people and a lot of fun.  They promised they would clean our trailer out at the delivery to their headquarters in Salt Lake City.
Kinda cool thing happened that was also a first.   Tyler, the broker we had gotten the load from, lives in Phoenix and stopped by while we were getting loaded.  We run a lot of loads for this firm and have always had a great relationship but as a driver, face to face is very rare.   Great guy.
Being we spent the night in the valley of the sun we also got a chance to have dinner at our favorite pizza joint (Oregano’s) with Bill and Chelsea.   The couple who got married here last October.   Great time with them.
Heading North to SLC the route is mostly back roads up past the East end of the Grand Canyon.   We REALLY need to make this run again in the daytime.
Getting an oil change right now then deliver in the morning then off to Seattle.  Planning on staying near the West Coast for the week to watch the Seahawks whoop up on the Patriots with friends and family in Seattle.

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