It Always Works Out

Seattle is a tough market for freight most of the time.  Fall, when apples and Christmas trees are running is the only exception.   January is by far the slowest time in trucking.  Rates are depressed and very few loads.  We decided we wanted to be in Seattle (my home town) to watch the Seahawks crush the Patriots in the Super Bowl with friends and family.   

We got an ok paying, light weight load from Salt Lake City to Seattle that delivered on Tuesday morning.  Since we have not worked much this month we wanted to make a bit more before the weekend.  

Available loads sucked.  This was especially true since we needed to stay in the West to get back to Seattle.   After a ton of calls on awful loads paying diddly,  we found a load the next morning to Denver and a return load on Thursday to Seattle.  Denver is another freight black hole but you can usually find decent freight to Seattle from there because nobody wants to go from one dead freight zone to another.

I was totally stoked because we could stop in Fort Collins on Wednesday and see my youngest son who plays football for Colorado State University.  Have not seen him in months.   I sent him a text and made plans.

Talk about bummed.   The biggest problem with working seven days a week is you lose track of what day it is.   I thought it was Monday, picking up Tuesday, so we would have an extra day in the schedule but the pickup was Wednesday.  Total turn and burn trip.   Overnight to Denver them overnight to Seattle for a Friday afternoon delivery.   Very disappointed but we will make sure our load out of Seattle next week takes us through Denver to see my son.
Our load to Denver was bulk coffee beans and it is always nice how the trailer smells after a coffee run.  Another major disappointment.   Green,  unroasted coffee smells horrible.   The place we delivered, where they roast the beans, smelled great however.

Looking forward to Russell Wilson beating Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in back to back Super Bowls.


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2 Responses to It Always Works Out

  1. Terry Gamble says:

    Russell Wilson isn’t beating anyone, it’s that Seattle D that got it for them last year and will again this year. 😉

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