Home Time Matters

We have been doing very well.  Two months since my last post.  We have a saying or slogan or motto (you pick) at Farm2Fleet  “SLACKERS UNITE!”  Boy, have we been living up to expectations.

Moving to Chattanooga two years ago was a great decision.  It was hard leaving Fort Collins Colorado for me but Anne had not lived there long so she really had no issue with pulling up stakes again.  The only real downside was my youngest son is going to Colorado State.  Luckily we have a job where we can see the people we love all the time.  Chattanooga really feels like home and we now have three of our kids living close and all of the grandkids.

A huge advantage for us is that we live in the epicenter for truck freight.  The Southeast is where it is at for trucking.  This allows us to spend so much more time at home and actually feel like regular people sometimes.  We are doing a dedicated run for a few days of auto parts that runs through Chattanooga so I dropped Anne off at home yesterday afternoon, drove the 270 miles round trip to make the delivery and pick up the return load, got back home at midnight, slept in my bed and we headed out at 8:30 AM to South Carolina to the other end of this route.  Thanks to Facebook, we are going to have lunch today with one of my very favorite people from High School.  Teri and her husband live very close to our delivery and we are meeting them.  Really looking forward to it.

wpid-20150517_130428.jpg wpid-20150517_130244.jpg

The truck is doing well.  We have put about $20,000 into repairs and general maintenance so far this year.  That sounds like a crazy amount but it really isn’t.  We drive 15,000 to 25,000 miles a month.  A set of drive tires, all eight of them, costs about $5,000.  We finally think we have the cab suspension problem actually fixed.  It shifted over again a couple of weeks ago when I was out solo, we than ran for a week and decided we had to get it fixed.  I dropped the truck off on Monday and told them to do SOMETHING different.  They actually did so we are hoping it stays good.  We ran three very heavy loads in a row.  First to Vermont, then to Wisconsin and back to South Carolina and it stayed good so fingers crossed.

Memorial Day this next weekend so we will be home for three days and the pool in the Condo is OPEN.

Going to write a more detailed post later but the bouncing truck is annoying me.  Nap time!

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