Family and Friends Matter


Craig and I are blessed with the best of friends. Friends we’ve had since we were kids, high school. College, early married life, divorce, remarriage and trucking life. I love meeting new people and love my old peeps dearly. This past week two of my best friends came out from LA to visit. I cannot tell you how much fun we had. The second we are together it is like no time has past. We have been friends for over 20 years. We have been through thick and thin together.

Samantha and Lupe flew in to Chattanooga and the festivities began. We went to Ruby Falls to see the water fall, drove to Nashville to hit the honky tonk bars, ate out, cooked in and drank lots. Laughed even more. Blew glass balls and just had an amazing visit. It went way too fast and I am so grateful to have these two ladies in my life.

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Katie my best friend from college was able to stop by on her way to Chicago. I miss her living in Atlanta but plan to visit her this summer in Chicago.

We have our nieces graduations in June which we are planning to be at. At least the graduation party.

Our nephew in getting married in July in Seattle which we of course will be attending.

We have not missed a major family event since we have been driving.

There are so many people we want to be able to visit with on the road. I wish I could spend a weekend with everyone but then I’d never be able to drive. But truly it is the thing about trucking that I love the most!!

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  1. Wondering if ull can give us any advice on owner operator? We are a husband and wife team looking into going owner operator.


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