PLEASE be aware of your surroundings!!!!!

Today I had something happen and I didn’t do what I should have done.

I drove Craig to the truck so that he could go pick a load up in GA and bring it back to Chattanooga. We don’t have to deliver until 7am so the plan was to hang out at home until we had to leave. I dropped him off at the truck and was taking the puppies to the pet store. I had the top down and headed out. Its not the best part of town where we park the truck but its a secure lot and never really thought about it. As everyone knows I am a worrier but I didn’t have a care in the world today.

I pulled out and stopped at a light. I noticed a utility type truck behind me. I’m not sure why  I noticed the truck but I did. I drove about 10 miles and noticed the truck was still behind me. I thought that was a little odd. I went to get off at an exit and realized I should go to the next exit so I quickly changed lanes. I looked in my rearview mirror and the truck did the same.

At this point I’m getting a little worried but really was trying not to overreact. It was probably just a coincidence. From this point on I’m watching though. I’m thinking there is no way I’m  being followed. I had the wind visor up so I didn’t have an unobstructed view of the truck or the driver.  I got off at my exit and the truck exited with me. He isn’t directly behind me but in the next lane. Phew I think. Just a coincidence.  I make my turn and then my heart starts beating a little faster. He changes lanes and is back. At his point my heart is pounding. I’m near Hamilton Place Mall. Lots of people and I am trying to think what should I do. I should have called the police immediately  but there was a part of me that was thinking. No way this is NOT happening. Things like this don’t happen to people I know and definitely not to me. I decide to not go where I was planning and make a quick turn. I am driving fast at this point because he hasn’t made the corner yet.  I glance back and see the front of the truck. Yup making the turn. At this point I floor the car and dart around in the parking lot of a store and stop behind some bigger cars. He had followed  me for 12 miles and 4 rapid turns. I don’t know where he went from there. I saw him drive by and I hauled ass the opposite way.

My heart was in my throat and I’m still thinking there is no way this is happening. Why I didn’t I call the police I have no idea. I don’t think I was thinking properly. I did call the police later but there wasn’t anything they could do at that point.  I just kept thinking I was being paranoid. I wasn’t and I was lucky. Take the time to know what is happening around you. Think about it before it happens. In my mind I would have called the police immediately. I will if it ever happens again or even think it is. The police officer said it would be way better to have a conversation and be embarrassed then having something horrible happen. Trust your instincts. You know when something doesn’t feel right.

Be Aware. Especially as a woman driving alone. Whether you are out on the road, in town, or just running around the block. Things do happen to people everyday and I am blessed today that  I noticed the truck.

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2 Responses to PLEASE be aware of your surroundings!!!!!

  1. Ogden Miller says:

    Dearest FD,
    You handled the situation very well from your account. With that many sightings it is true that you should have called the police and then stopped in some place with lots of people and activity around, making sure to give the cops your license and phone number. Papa

    • Anne Miller Leonard says:

      I agree that I should have called but honestly I don’t think my brain was working properly. I kept thinking that there was no way someone was following me. If it ever happens again I will call immediately.

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