Another Rough Weekend

I ran solo down to Tampa on Sunday then back to central Georgia then ran empty home.   We have decided that since rates suck we would rather sit at home waiting for a good load than be idling in the truck somewhere.   So,  I got back Monday night and had a nice relaxing evening and morning.   Then a load to Michigan hits the boards and we are off.  On the way to Michigan I found a load to Salt Lake City that paid well.   SLC is a terrible outbound market but we always follow the money.  We delivered Friday morning and a little panicked we stopped to fuel the truck when a team load to Tempe AZ hit the board.  Anne called on it and they offered $1000 for 650 miles.  Not good for a team but for SLC not awful.   I said no,  if you need a team you can pay $1200.  The broker said she can’t and we said sorry.   15 minutes later she called back and said if we were still available she would pay $1200.  Delivered early Saturday morning and then hanging out with Matiana and Brian  and their pool for the weekend.   What a great time.   Heading down to Tucson Sunday night for our pickup to Mobile Alabama.   Living the awesome life.

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1 Response to Another Rough Weekend

  1. James kinkead says:

    Yall have been putting some miles down lately. I think this is the the first time I can remember you coming to My neck of the woods. If you have a layover in Mobile give me a shout. I can at least get you out of the truck fir a bit.

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