It Was All My Fault

Just found this in my draft folder as I forgot to post it from a couple of weeks ago.

So, we delivered in Mobile Alabama and looking for a load in this challenging environment.  Not a ton to choose from but we are thinking get towards home where we know we can make some money.  We call on a number of loads to Georgia and Tennessee but they are all gone before we call.  A load pops up to Atlanta from Mobile so I call quickly and book it.  A short run but paying a little over $2 a mile.  We get to the shipper and backed into the dock and I pull up the rate confirmation for the delivery address.  I am entering the address in the GPS and it says the road does not exist.  I am pulling up Google Maps to try to figure it out and I look at the rate con again.  It clearly says Atlanta TEXAS!  So, instead of heading home we are heading to a little town in the middle of nowhere.  I cannot believe I made this mistake but it will certainly not happen again.  The next day Anne was calling on a load to Nashville and she stopped the broker and said “Just to be sure, we are talking about Nashville TENNESSEE…..right?”  I laughed very hard.

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