This was another post that wasn’t uploaded.

I love that we are able to see this beautiful country from corner to corner. Craig and I were talking this morning about how much we love our job. (Stopped in Fort Collins for a night with the kids and awesome breakfast.) That we are able to see family and friends.  But we are heading home for the holiday weekend
and incredibly happy that we live in Chattanooga. I love Chattanooga and it feels like home. We are truly blessed!!!
The past couple months have been a little rough due to freight prices. Things are beginning to look up so feeling really optimistic about the end of the year. We just broke down in Winnemucca NV. Craig was pulled over for a level 3 inspection. All that means is the officer wanted to see his logs and paperwork. When he went to start the truck nothing happened. We sat there for about 8 hours before the tow truck arrived. Word of advice to anyone looking into truck insurance. GET TOWING COVERAGE. It pays for itself if you ever get towed. Anyway turns out our starter went out again. Actually it’s the solenoid but on the Volvo you have to replace the whole starter. We just did it in May so we are hoping it will be covered under warranty. Oh and we had to replace 4 batteries lol. The price of trucking. But prior to this the truck had been running great and the only problem we’ve had was tires. We are heading home but we can’t turn the truck off. We need to get it to the shop or we will be stuck. Ahhh the joys of trucking.
The perks out weigh the bad though. Truly we love what we do because it lets us do what we love. See friends and family!!! The important things.

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