Ready For a Change….

In the weather but more importantly, in this market.  Making smart decisions has never been more important.  Avoiding the winter weather has been part of the plan but adjusting to current market conditions has been the biggest change.  Rates just suck.  January and February are the worst months in trucking but this winter has been epic.  Many of the loads we see posted do not even cover the cost to run the truck.  I know exactly what my fixed and variable costs are so we can make smart decisions but it is sometimes hard to turn down even a crappy load since I know what it costs me to NOT move the truck.  Because we are running lean we can afford to be a little picky and it is not all doom and gloom.  We are surviving and that is a lot more than I can say about a lot of owner/operators right now.

Part of the belt tightening has been self inflicted also.  We took an entire month off from December 20th to January 20th while we had all the kids in town for Christmas and Anne has taken some additional time to be with our daughter and our new granddaughter Scarlett.  That means I have been running some solo loads.  Usually not going more than 700 miles from home so only gone 3 to 5 days at a time.  We will then run some team loads to keep the bank account in the black.  We are seeing an uptick in freight volumes so an increase in rates should be coming soon.

Had an awesome amount of family time.  On Feb 13th we offered to watch all 5 of the grandkids so their parents could go out on dates for Valentines day.  We had a blast.  All of the kids made their own pizzas, we then decorated sugar cookies and Anne had art night with the kids.  It was so much fun.  Also, last weekend Anne’s father and step mother came to visit and meet their first great grand daughter.  A perfect weekend.  They live in France half the year so we are planning a visit to see them this fall.

We ran a team load to Las Vegas this week so hanging out in 75 degree weather did not suck and we are currently in Minneapolis MN waiting for our delivery in the morning.  Got to stop over in Fort Collins Colorado yesterday for lunch with our future daughter in law and pedicures.  (yes, I am man enough to get pedicures) We are looking for a load toward home tomorrow as Anne has a Dr appointment Tuesday afternoon.  The plan is then to run hard as a team for the month of March which will include a weekend in Phoenix AZ for a couple of Mariners Spring Training games.  SOOOOO ready for baseball season to start.

I have, unfortunately, been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  It totally sucks and the pain is bad but there are a lot of worse things that can happen to a guy so I know that my life is still blessed.  Just a bother having to work in the doctor appointments.

Life is good, the markets are getting better and God loves me.  All in all, we are doing fine.

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2 Responses to Ready For a Change….

  1. jade says:

    Hey Craig! Look into black seed oil for the RA.

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