Family and Friends. Love what we do.

We delivered a load up in Sacramento and decided to drive empty to LA to pick up a load. Love when things come together. We were able to make plans with Tyler for dinner and an extra perk was meeting up with the Mitchell clan.

Lupe came and picked us up and we went for Margarita’s until the rest of the gang met up with us. Decided to stay where we were for dinner. Lots of good food and tons of laughs. Went back to see Lupe and Steve’s new apartment in Studio City before Tyler drove us back to the truck. Seriously one of my favorite things about our job. The ability to see friends and family on spur of the moment occasions.

Rates of been really bad lately but this past week we have run like Rockstars. In the right place for the right load at the right price. Makes it so much nicer when you that happens. Hoping it continues for the next couple weeks until it is time for Spring Training in Phoenix. Go Mariners!!

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