Scary, Scary Day

Well, my daughter Aleena had a very interesting day last week. She met a number of cute guys. The bad part being it was the flight crew of the Tennessee National Guard Blackhawk helicopter that flew her off the mountain after she fell 126 feet down a cliff. She was hospitalized in Knoxville with three broken ribs, cuts and bruises all over, lots of stitches and staples and a messed up shoulder. Kidneys were also bleeding but expected that to clear up on its own and it did. Anne and I were in Oregon when this happened.  Being 2500 miles away REALLY sucked. I would truly rather lose an arm than deal with something like this happening to one of my kids.

Other than Gods grace, there is no reason my little girl should be alive.  Two of the poeple who got to her first were both trauma nurses who happened to be at the lodge and I am so grateful for the care they provided.  LeConte Lodge, where Aleena is the cook, is high in the Smokey Mountains and the nearest road is 6 1/2 miles away and 3,000 feet down.

Although she is not named, she made the local news in Knoxville.  Here is the story.

Where Aleena fell

This is a picture of where she fell taken by a guest of the lodge the next morning.  We cannot believe she lived through this.

Anne and I had to make our delivery in Portland and we were already contracted to an expedited team load to Pennsylvania.  We debated cancelling the load and flying home but we could only get home one day earlier at best and we would be totally screwing the broker we had contracted with.  We decided to run the load since we could not get home before Aleena was out of the hospital anyway.  Our oldest son and his wife were there and also our youngest daughter Shelby along with Aleena’s mom.  It was decided that Aleena would go home with her mom to heal so they rented a car and drove her to South Florida.

Aleena is the toughest person I have ever met.  Seriously, I really mean this.  This is good and bad because every single day she pushes herself farther than she should.  She wanted us to take her to the Boca Raton mall yesterday so she could walk around and, as usual, she totally overdid it.  By the time we got her home she was a mess.  Please keep her in your prayers. After yesterday she is dehydrated and cannot keep anything down.  She still has major shoulder surgery in front of her next week.

Aleena, Scarlett and Shelby

I thank God for my kids who are loving her through this, for my wife who is helping ME through this, for my ex-wife and her husband who are with Aleena everyday and taking amazing care of her, to her co-workers and guests at the lodge who helped in her rescue and the Tennessee Air National Guard who got her off the mountain.   I am kind of a mess.


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4 Responses to Scary, Scary Day

  1. Elisa Rosenfield says:

    Thank God she survived this!! She looks good in the pic Tho I don’t know when it was taken!! Hope she stays home and gets strong… the Mall can wait!!😅. What a miracle🙏🏼. 💕love to all! Annie’s friend, Lisa

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  2. Lupe says:

    Ugh I have a lump in my throat. Sending prayers and love.

  3. lakeviewwill says:

    I’ve been following you guys for quite a while, I find your stories interesting. It’s good to see you and your bride find the good in a tough business. Before becoming a truck driver I was an iron worker. I too am a survivor from a fall that should have killed me. I have minor disabilities from my fall but I never let that stop me from doing anything. I am happy to hear your girl is on the mend and hope she gets back on the horse so to speak.

    God bless. Will

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  4. Wow..There are angels both human & heavenly…I truly believe that…a strong woman she hard as parents no matter how old our children are!!! I truly believe GOD ..has this!! Continuing to pray here!!! Blessings to all of you!!

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