Always the unexpected….

(Editors Note…that means Craig)
Anne had typed this in July and never posted it. Since it spoke about our plans to get out of the truck I have decided to post even though it is six months later. So much has happened in those six months.  Crazy.

Back to Anne’s post….

We have a lot of changes happening in our lives. We are looking at transitioning out of the truck, we have a new grandson being born this Oct., Our oldest son is being ordained as an Anglican priest  next week. All our children have moved out of our house for the first time in forever. That part is a little bittersweet. Craig finally has his naked house back. We are heading to Seattle and Kalispell for weddings in the next two weeks before we head back to Chattanooga.

We have had an awesome week and now on the last leg of this trip  what happens. YUP you guessed it. A weird noise on the truck. Luckily we were a mile from a rest area so were able to stop safely. This is a new one for us. Our leveler for the airbags broke off. Note to anyone. When you hear strange noises make sure you stop as quick as possible so you don’t do anymore damage. We luckily have a mechanic we can call for advice and he told us not to drive with our air bags deployed.  There are times you can drive safely to get to service.  This is not one of them so we sit here waiting for road side service now.  Good part is our load has 12 extra hours to deliver.

We stopped at the Iowa 80 for coffee this morning. We were talking about how this might be the last time we are here in a truck. It is sort of like that with everything. Our last drive across “insert state name here”. Is this the last load we will book. That one is no since we have to get back to Chattanooga. But you get the gist. We have loved driving a truck. Even break downs have their own stories. When we first started driving we had a joke about Nebraska. We broke down there for a total of 3 times in a month.  Those times were easier financially since we didn’t have to pay the repair bills. But still make a memory.

Making the switch to owner operator was the best move we made. We had a shaky start but it gave us so much more freedom. At this point in our lives though we want to be home more. I want to be home all the time. The things we miss out on while on the road revolve solely around family. We are blessed to have all 5 of our grandchildren local with the 6th on the way. We are blessed to have most of our children local too.  It’s the little things we are missing out on. Firsts day of school, sleepovers, sunday suppers, Baseball, Soccer, Football…… The grandchildren are growing up so quickly and we feel like we are missing out on being there.

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1 Response to Always the unexpected….

  1. Tanya Pope says:

    Glad to see you are moving onward and upward in your career. Good luck in the new venture.

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