What a crazy market right now. I have been quoted ridiculous rates. $1 a mile or less per mile seems to be the average right now. I can’t believe truckers are taking these rates but understand they need revenue. I bid on a load yesterday for $1200 on 800 miles which I couldn’t believe I was doing but we had lost out on a few loads and I wanted to get a driver moving. I couldn’t believe I was underbid. They had offered $800, after my bid she told me they have moved these for $1000 but couldn’t go any higher. I just had to shake my head. I won’t accept absurd $$$. My thought was why not offer it at $1000 but we all know the answer to that. I wish truckers would stand there ground and not take absurd rates but that’s not going to happen. I am looking forward to rates getting better.

We call more brokers to get a rate that we will accept for our drivers. We know what it costs to run a truck and know what is acceptable or not. I keep hearing about these cut rate dispatch companies that are based overseas (read the tiny print and you will see some are based in Bosnia or Cayman Islands) guaranteeing $7000 weeks. Craig and I ran team and made great money but as a solo driver it is difficult to reach those numbers every week. We can drive twice as far as a solo. More miles=More money. You will hear about incredible $$$/mile. My question is how many miles is that for. There are exceptions to the rule but not many.

We have loved dispatching but it is definitely a challenge in this market. The light is at the end of the tunnel though. Produce will start running and rates will get back to where they should be.

Craig misses being in the truck way more than I do. The only thing I really do miss about the truck is being able to see family and friends all over the country. We never had to think about missing any events. We would be there. This weekend we are getting on a plane for the first time in years. The last time we were on a plane was flying to San Juan two years ago. Driving distance now has a totally different meaning.

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