I don’t miss driving!

I don’t miss driving but I know Craig does. Okay that isn’t true about me. I don’t miss the physical part of driving but I do miss the benefits. I miss seeing family and friends. I miss going to Seattle and playing cards. I miss going to baseball games. I miss meeting up with friends on the road. All the social parts of driving I do miss just not the 11 hours of driving and not being home. I think back to when we first started this journey and had no idea what we were doing. We were blessed to have a great mentoring group of people that taught us along the way. Having a great mentoring system is the difference in success or failure. We were definitely blessed in that arena.

I realize with some of our new drivers that they are in the same boat. There are so many different truths out there (due a lot to facebook and the internet) the questions I see asked and the answers make me cringe. The advice I give you is to know where you are getting your information. Know the laws for your state. Know what is legal and more important what is illegal. Find someone to mentor you so you can ask all those questions  you think are silly. Some are but some are very important to know. Don’t ask a group on facebook what the truth is. You know how that goes. This is your business. This is your lively hood. You don’t want to get dinged for listening to some idiot on facebook that told you how to do it. Find someone or some people that will give you good advice and that have knowledge and you will be way ahead of the game.

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